City of Akhenaten

 Piece of Quartzite, which was made into a mural and fitted to walls for decoration.

This was an isolated palace, and consisted of two large walled enclosures - inside of which were gardens surrounding shallow lakes. Within the gardens themselves were pavilions and a group of shrines to the Aten. The Maru-aten gives an image of calm, and of a retreat away from the main part of Akhetaten.

The Maru-aten was originally built for Kiya, but after her death her name and images were altered to that of Meritaten (although when first discovered it was thought that it was the name of Nefertiti herself that had been hacked out from the monuments - starting a theory about her fall from Akhenaten's favour).

Relief of Kiya, later recarved for Meritaten.

Arrows show original carving and later re-carving for Meritaten.