The Coffin and mummy of Maatkare-Mutemhet

Daughter of Pinudjem I and Queen Duathathor-Henttawy.


Her mummy had been damaged by robbers in antiquity, but restorers at the time had packed the mummy to restore its shape.

The packing of the body, and the condition of the mummy shows that Maatkare-Mutemhat died during childbirth. A small mummy was found with Maatkare's mummy - thought to have been the body of her baby, but X-Rays have shown this is infact the body a baboon.

Height of Maatkare-Mutemhet's mummy : 1.522 metres.

The coffins are thought to have been made for Maatkare-Mutemhet - made from cedar and acacia wood and show funerary scenes. The first coffin is well preserved and almost untouched by tomb robbers, the second coffin and coffin board have had the gilded hands and face removed.



first coffin length 2.23 metres

second coffin - length 1.96 metres

coffin board - length: 1.81 metres