KV -35 , decoration

The only decoration in the tomb appears in the burial chamber - (highlighted)

This decoration depicts the 1st to the 12th divisions of the Amduat in a very similar style and manner to that found in the tomb of Tuthmosis III (Amenhotep II's predecsor) - KV34. The scenes are made up from 'stick'like figures painted in three registers around the room.

The tomb does show the King receiving life from Osiris, Hathor and Anubis on the tomb pillars - this is the first tomb to show the King shown this way in his own tomb:

The Amduat

 The 2nd hour of the Amduat, the solar bark moves past the fields of the Netherworld accompanied by other boats. In the bottom register gods present plants to Re and the followers of Re
 7th Hour of the Amduat - top register Osiris sits (while ringed by the Mehen snake) while a god with cat ears punishes enemies. In the middle register the Apophis snakes attempts to bloke the route of the solar bark, but it has already been rendered harmless by knives and ropes.
   The 10th Hour - middle register; the solar bark is protected by a line of gods armed with bows and arrows and spears, in the bottom register the primeval ocean - Nun holds drowned souls who are released by Horus and are granted eternal life
 12th and final Hour - the middle register depicts the sun god rejuvinating himself as well as his entourage before he enters the body of a snake, then he transforms into a scarab and then climbs on the arms of Shu into the sky.