High Priest


 Appointed by his father as High Priest ('First Prophet') as Amun. Iuput also enjoyed the titles 'Generalismo' and 'Army Leader', later he was to add 'Governor of Upper Egypt'.

Iuput's duties still included protecting the royal mummies - it has been suggested (A Dobson 'Monarchs of the Nile') that in Year 11 of Shoshenq I's rule, that the royal mummies were finally gathered and entombed within the family tomb of Pinudjem II - DB320.

Soon after Sheshonq I's death, with Iuput's brother Osorkon I on the throne, Iuput himself died. He was buried in a large tomb at Abydos. However three panels of scenes on the east buttress of the Bubastite Gate at Karnak may be identified with Iuput.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Osorkon I did not allow the son of Iuput to become the replacement High Priest of Amun at Thebes - instead Osorkon I sent his eldest son, Shoshenq C, to become High Priest of Amun.