The Tomb of Hornakht

The Sarcophagus of Prince Hornakht



The Sarcophagus of Horankht, thought to have been sculptured for an important person of the Libyan period and inscribed with the Prince's name.

The sarcophagus was too long for the burial chamber and so had its feet cut off.

Canopic Jars




These jars held the embalmed liver, lungs, stomach and intestines of Hornakht.

 The man:

"Isis says: I exercise my protection, I have favoured your perfection, O Imsety who is present here"

 The falcon:

"Selkis says: I ennoble (?) the body, and I establish (?) your ka, O Qebehsenuf who is present here"

 The Jackal:

"Neith says: I encircle you, I prevent you from drowning, O Duamutef who is present here"

 The dog-faced Baboon:

"Nephthys says: I protect you (from the) evil which affects you, your body is that of a god, O Hapi who is present here"