The Gods of ancient Egypt

Aker (embodies Earth)

Amemait(the Devourer)

Amun (Thebes)



Anubis (god of the dead and embalming)


Anukis (Anqet)


Apophis (serpent demon)



Atum (creator god of Heliopolis)


Bes (deformed dwarf who averted evil)

Buchis (sacred bull)

Bull (special relantionship with heaven)

Cow (sacred animal of Hathor and Isis)

Ennead of Heliopolis (earliest group of nine gods)

Geb (personification of Earth)

Hapi (god of the Nile)

Hathor (sky goddess)

Hat-imehit (minor fish goddess)

Heh (god symbolizing a 'million years')

Heket (goddess represented in the form of a frog or with a frog's head)

Horus (imagined to be a sky god whose image was seen as that of a falcon with outstretched wings, whose eyes were regarded as the sun and the moon).

Ibis (sacred white bird regarded as incarnation of Thoth)

Ihy (Hathor's son)

Isis (regarded as King's symbolic mother)

Khepri (signifies the scarab as primeval god)

Khnum (worshipped in the form of a ram into the early period of the New Kingdom but then represented as a man with a ram's head).

Khon (Theban god - Moon god)

Maat (personification of the basic laws of all existence).

Mafdet (goddess was a manifestation of judical authority and, above all, the device used for execution).

Mertseger (goddess 'she who loves peace' of the area of the Valley of the Kings).

Meshkhent (goddess of birth)

Methyer (goddess, embodiment of the primeval waters).

Min (god of fertility).

Month, Montu (falcon headed deity - god of war).

Mut (Wife of Amun and mother of Khon).

Neith (local goddess of Sais, warlike divinity)

Nekhbet (vulture goddess, represented Upper Egypt)

Nephthys (protector goddess of coffins and canopic jars)

Nut (was the daughter of the Air god Shu, she was the personification of the Vault of Heaven).

Ogdoad (according to Hermopolitan theology eight gods ruled before creation of the world).

Onuris (Anhur) (god of This in Upper Egypt)

Osiris (god of the dead)

Pheonix (sacred bird of Heliopolis)

Ptah (local god of Memphis - creator god)

Qadesh (godess of love)

Re (sun god)

Renenutet (goddess of fertility and harvest)

Reshef (Reshpa) (Syrian god of war and thunder, shown wearing white crown of Upper Egypt).

Sataj (regarded as 'Lady of Elephantine' wife of creator god Khnum).

Scarab (sacred beetle - image of self creation).

Sekhmet (goddess of war - husband Ptah - son Nefertem).

Selkit Scorpion Goddess(one of the four protector goddesses of the coffin and canopic jars)

Serapis (god of corn)

Seshat (goddess of writing)

Seshmu (god of perfume)

Seth (later symbolic of evil)

Shu (god of air)

Sobek - Suchos (crocodile) (god of the water - the Nile issued from his sweat).

Sokar (may of begun as earth and fertility god, Sokar became a mortuary god)

Sopdu (worshipped in 20th Lower Egypt nome, god of the frontier and the east).

Sothis (dog star Sirius deified as a goddess and shown as a woman with a star on her head).

Tatjenen (very early earth god of the Memphite region).

Taweret, Taurt (hippopotamus goddess represented standing upright with human arms and legs).

Tefnut (with her brother Shu, became the children of the sun god and regarded as the eyes of the 'Lord of All').

Tekenu (probably regarded as a manifestation of the deceased through which the transfigured person would be led to sacred places).

Thoth (god who invented writing and was the protector of scribes).

Uraeus (was the serpent which the king wore on his crown, it was represented as a rearing cobra with inflated hood).

Wadjet (name of the goddess of Buto in the Delta, at the same time a general term for the cobra which was the goddesses sacred animal).

Wepwawet (a warlike god of Lycopolis).