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Important sites of the faiyum:
1. Kom Aushim (Karanis)
a temple of the greco-roman period dedicated to the local gods Petsuchos and Pnepheros
2. Dimai (Soknopaiou Nesos)
A Ptolemaic temple of Soknopaios (a variation of the god Sobek)
3. Qast el-Sagha
an unfinished Middle Kingdom temple
4. Qasr Qarun (Dionysias)
A late Ptolemaic temple
5. Batn Inrit (Threadelphia)
A Ptolemaic temple of Pnepheros
The masonary-built bases of a pair of colossal seated statues of Amenemhet III
7. Medinet el-faiyum, also el-Medina (Krokodilopolis or Arsinoe)
12th dynasty temple of Sobek, later rebuilt or enlarged.
8. Abgig
Large stela of Sesostris I - now at Medinet el-faiyum
9. Hawara
pyramid of Amenemhet III, the mortuary temple (the Labyrinth) was the south of the pyramid. Cemeteris of rock cut tombs and graves (Middle Kindom and Greco-Roman Periods)
10. Seila
small step pyramid possibly dating to the 3rd Dynasty
11. Medinet Madi (Narmouthis)
temple complex of the serpent goddess Reneutet (Termuthis), originally built by Amenemhet III and Amenemhet IV with layer additions in Ptolemaic times.
12. Tell Umm el-Breigat (Tebtunis)
Ptolemaic temple and town
13. Kom Ruqaiya
rock cut tombs probably of the 12th dynasty