The Coffin and mummy of Djedptahiufankh

Who was Djedptahiufankh ?

"Second or Third Prophet of Amen-Re, King's son of Ramesses"

husband of Nestanebtishru

The mummy of Djedpathiufankh had been embalmed in the usual manner of the period (21st/22nd Dynasties) with the face and limbs packed to restore a more life-like appearance.


The set of (two) cedar coffins and coffin board holding Djedptahiufankh had originally belonged to someone called Nesshuenopet, the surfaces of the coffins show funerary scenes.


Names and titles on coffins, and texts of mummy cloths give the dates of Years 10 and 11 of Shoshenq I, and of his son Iuput A(?) (First Prophet of Amen-Re, General).



first coffin - length: 1.99 metres

second coffin - length: 1.84 metres

coffin board - length: 1.74 metres