Co-Regency of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten -

Areas to study of interest:

(The notes below are locations / subjects which may or may not support a co-regency between Amenhotep III / Akhenaten)

More information on each area may or may not appear - depending on demand (please write if there is an area you wish to see!)

These points come from an excellent paper by Leslie E. Bailey - this is available on the web : at EEF's online library

 1. Tomb of Surer (TT48)  2. Tomb of Kheruef (TT192)  3, Tomb of Ramose (TT55)
 4. 3rd Pylon at Karnak Temple 5. Elder woman (from KV35 cache)  6. Tiye's wooden Shrine
 7. Soleb temple reliefs  8. Kahan Papyri  9. Athribis block
10. Meidum Graffito 11. Men and Bek at Aswan 12. Dahsur Graffito
13. Tomb of vizier Aper-el at Saqqara 14. Earlier proclamation of Akhenaten 15. Persecution of Amun
16. Wine dockets 17. Stela from Panehsy's house 18. Sarcophagus of Maketaten
19. Lintel in tomb of Huya 20. Baketaten 21. Amarna Letters
22. Astronomical Instrument 23. Luxor Temple