Master of the Works

Other Title : Chief Sculptor (his father, Men, held the same title under Amenhotep III - see below - ), Overseer of the works at the red mountain for the pylon, Chief of the artists teacher of the king himself, an overseer of the sculptors from life at the grand monuments of the king for the temple of the sun's disk in the city of Akhetaten, son of the chief of the artists Men, born of Roy in An.

"taught by his majesty"


The family tree of Bek



Men + Roy ('of Heliopolis in the North'), (under Amenhotep III)


Bek + Taheret (under Akhenaten)

The tombstone of Bek

 Inside the niche are two little standing figures of a man and a woman. The inscription reads:-

(on the right side) - 'A royal sacrifice to Horemkhu, the Sun's disk, who enlightens the land; that he may vouchsafe to accept the customary offerings of the dead on the altar of the living sun's disk, in favour of the overseer of the sculptors from life, and of his wife, the lady Ta-her'.

(on the left side) - 'A royal offering to the living sun's disk, which enlightens the world by its benefactions in order that it may vouchsafe a complete good life, united with a reward of honour, joy of heart, and a beautiful old age, in favour of the artist of the king, the sculptor of the lord of the land, the follower of the divine benefactor, Bek'.

'The inhaling of the holy incense, the receiving of the unction in favour of the artist of the king, the overseer of the sculptors, Bek: The inhaling of the fragrance of the incense in favour of the overseer of the works of the lord of the land, Bek:

'That thy soul may appear, that thy body may live, that thy foot may march out to all places, in favour of the artist of the king, and overseer of the sculptors, Bek:

'That he may grant me to drink wine and milk, and that the king may receive the sacrifice of the dead, in favour of the lady Ta-her'.

Inscription on a rock face near Aswan

On the left is Bek offering to Akhenaten, the defaced figure (erased in antiquity - the names of the Aten have similarly been erased). In the scene Akhenaten burns incense at an altar below the Aten which is said to be in the Great Temple at Akhetaten.

On the right is Bek's father offering to Amenhotep III ('King of Kings, Lord of Might) - the prenomen of Amenhotep III is repeated in place of his nomen to avoid any mention of 'Amun'.

The inscription was carved about Year 9 of Akhenaten's reign.