The Cult of Buchis, Sacred Bull of Armant

Although linked with various Egyptian divinities, the Buchis Bull was most closely linked with Re' and also with Montu, the god of Armant. These bulls were buried in a similar way to those of the Apis bulls, however, the tombs of the Buchis were built structures covered by vaulting rather than rock-hewn caverns. All burials found date from the Late Period and while some tombs contain a great deal of funerary equipment others hold just the mummy and little else.
Unlike the Apis burials the latest burials of the Buchis were left in the passages which linked the tombs.

Stelae have been found similar in content to those found in the Serapeum.
An extract from a stela of Ptolemy IV reads:
"... On this day the majesty of this noble god went up to heaven, the beneficent Ba, the living Ba of Re, the manifestation of Re, who was born of Ta-Amen. The length of his life was 18 years, 10 months, 23 days. The day on which he was born was Year 13 Epep 20 in the life of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Ptolemy, living forever, beloved of Isis, in the district of Ombos. He was installed in Armant in Year 25, Thoth 15. [May he remain] on his throne for ever and ever. The majesty of this noble god went up to heaven in Year 8 paoni 12 . . ."

Skeleton of a Buchis Bull discovered at Armant (the metal clamps were used to hold the bull mummy to the wooden base board)