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Astrology - the ancient Egyptian zodiac


The ancient Egyptians did not see any difference between astrology and astronomy - they were both the same and used for the same purpose. The ancient Egyptian zodiac can be difficult to identify - the stars were grouped differently ( they did not use the modern signs of the zodiac or did they know of the concept of 'planetary houses'. They Egyptians learned about horoscopes from Mesopotamian and Hellenstic peoples).


It is possible to pick out modern constellations, some are:

the leg of an ox - becomes the Great Bear (Ursa Major)

the falcon headed man with his arms bent up - becomes Cygnus

a figure with raised arms - Cassiopeia

Long-Strider (Osiris) - Orion


This zodiac comes from the temple of Hathor at Denderah


The ancient Egyptians used such things as mythological calendars that prescribed lucky and unlucky days - especially dealing with birthdays, in the later periods of ancient Egypt, priests practicing such skills would become wildly known and sought after.