Onuris / Anhur

Sun God

A solar deity who was worshipped at Thinis and Sebennytus, he is thought to have been a more aggressive aspect of Re and as such is known as the "Slayer of the Enemies" (he is sometimes depicted as standing in the prow of the sun-bark with a lance in his hand ready to destroy enemies). However, Anhur was not always connected with violence, he may also be representative of the creative powers of man (he was also a patron against enemies and pests).

Anhur was united with the god Shu in later times of ancient Egypt, to form the dual god Anhur-Shu. His mother was a form of Hathor; Her-t.

Anhur was epescially popular in the New Kingdom - during his festival mock battles were staged in his honour (Anhur remained popular after the New Kingdom, especially in Abydos - he was to be called Onouris by the ancient Greeks).