The Mummy and coffin of Amenhotep III

18th Dynasty

Length of Coffin : 1.82 metres

Height of coffin : 0.31 metres

The coffin is quite crude in workmanship, interestingly the coffin lid has the names of both Seti II and Amenhotep II, while the base has the name of Ramesses III (the coffin was originally made in the 20th Dynasty).

21st Dynasty High Priests had written the names of Amenhotep III on the coffin and the mummy wrappings


 Height of the body : 1.561 metres

The mummy of Amenhotep III is probably the most damaged out of the Royal mummies - the head had been broken off, the front part of the body and all the limbs have been damaged. X-rays have pinpointed Amenhotep III's age at death to about 50.

It is thought that Amenhotep III was probably obese at his death, and would have suffered dreadfully with his teeth (abscesses were found).