Photograph of the burial chamber of Amenemope at the time of its opening (16 April 1940). Just in front of the sarcophagus is an alabaster jar (dating to the reign of Seti I) and other libation vases and his canopic jars.

 Tomb IV had been built for Amenemope (his sarcophagus was found there), but the inner coffin and mummy of the king had been moved to the chamber adjacent to Psusennes I (in place of Queen Mutnodjmet). It has been suggested that it was Siamun who moved the royal mummies in this way.

Although not as rich in funerary items as that of Psusennes I, Amenemope still had an impressive aray of grave goods.

The Sarcophagus of Amenemope

  The gold funerary mask.

 Worker Ushabti of Amenemope

(height of Overseer 8.9 cm, height of worker 9.1 cm)

The total of Amenemope ushabtis has been calculated to - 34 overseers and 293 workers (plus 4 fragments).

The workers were roughly made, and the text on each read "Osiris King, Amenemope-beloved-of-Amun".

The Overseers were uninscribed.