(Chief Queen of Ahmose I)


 18th Dynasty

Ahmose-Nefertari had many titles:
hemet nesw weret - King's Principal Wife (in relantion to her brother and husband Ahmose I)
mwt nesw - King's Mother (in relation to her son Amenhotep I)
hemet netjer - God's Wife of Amun (she was the first royal wife to use this title, it was also the title she was to use the most. This title was then passed down from mother-to-daughter by her descendants - it has been taken to mean a 'female regent', a wife whom the king must marry to cement his claim to the throne of Egypt (although there is still debate over this theory).

Ahmose-Nefertari appears to have been a strong queen and partner for Ahmose I, she participated in building and quarrying projects - one stela documents that Ahmose I himself sought her approval before raising the cenotaph for Tetisheri at Abydos.
She possibly served as co-regent for her son, Amenhotep I, after the death of Ahmose I (she outlived her husband by a number of years - her mummy indicates she died around 70 years of age).

After her death she was worshipped as part of a cult - in particular at the workman's village at Deir el-Medina (more than 50 of the tombs mention her name).

The tomb of Ahmose-Nefertari was at Dira Abu'l-Naga (Thebes) - the tomb had been robbed in antiquity - her huge coffin along with her mummy was found in the mummy cache of TT320 (also in the coffin was the mummy of Ramesses III - her mummy was not identified with any markings but it is thought most likely to be hers).

Canopic Jar of Ahmose-Nefertari also found at TT320.