The mummy and Coffin of Ahmose-Merytamun

The mummy has been badly damaged by tomb-robbers, the right arm has been completely torn-off, and only the upper part of the left arm still survives. The linen packing of the body cavity is visible due to the damage to the mummy's chest.

Height of the body - 1.47 metres

Coffin - this was not Ahmose-Merytamun's first coffin, it originally belonged to the Steward Seniu (also of the 18th Dynasty). The coffin is decorated with bands of inscriptions outlined on blue - with blue hieroglyphs on a yellow background, with the body of the coffin painted white. (The face of the coffin has been hacked away, which would indicate that this was originally covered in gold).

Length of the Coffin - 2.16 metres, height - 0.64 metres, breadth - 0.59 metres


Who was Ahmose-Ahmose-Merytamun ?

She was the sister and Queen of Amenhotep I - she was also the daughter of Ahmose I. Her mummy indicates that she died in her thirties.