The Valley of the Queens (Biban el-Harim or Biban el-Sultanat) is the necropolis on the western shore of

Thebes that was used as a burial site for the royal women of the 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasties.

During the Ramesside periods other royal family members also made use of the valley, especially royal princes.


Tomb no. 30 - Nebiri (probably), Head of the Stable, Dynasty XVIII


Tomb no. 31 - A Queen

Tomb no. 33 - Princess Tanezem(t) Dynasty XX (?)


 Tomb no. 36 - Princess, no name

Tomb no. 38 - Queen Sitre' wife of Ramesses I


Tomb no. 40 - A Queen, cartouche blank


Tomb no. 42 - Prince Para'hirwenemef, Charioteer of the stable of the Great House, son of Ramesses III

 Tomb no. 43 - Prince Set-hirkhopshef, King's son, Hereditary prince of the royal children of his Majesty, Charioteer of the Great Stable. Son of Ramesses III.

 Tomb no.44 - Prince Kha'emweset, Sem- priest of Ptah. Son of Ramesses III.

 Tomb no. 46 - Imhotep (probably) Vizier. Tuthmosis I.
 Tomb no.47 - Princess 'Ahmosi Daughter of Sekenenre'-Ta'a and Sit-dhout:

 Tomb no.51 - Queen Esi II mother of Ramesses VI,

daughter of Hubalznet:

 Tomb no. 52- Queen Tyti Ramesside
 Tomb no. 53 - Prince Ramesses son of Ramesses III
 Tomb no. 55 - Prince Amen(hir)khopshef Royal Scribe, Overseer of Horses, son of Ramesses III
 Tomb no. 60 - Queen Nebttaui daughter of Ramesses II
 Tomb no. 66 - Queen Nefertari Wife of Ramesses II
Tomb no.68 - Queen Merytamun daughter of Ramesses II
 Tomb no.71 - Queen Bent'anta daughter of Ramesses II


Tomb no.73 - A Princess, no name. Dynasty XX

 Tomb no.74 - Queen Tentopet Great King's mother and King's wife


Tomb no.75 - A Queen, no name


Unnumbered Tombs and Pits

 Queen Mut. . . perhaps Tuy (Mut-tuy), wife of Seti I, mother of Ramesses II. West of Tomb 66.

 'Ahmosi King's son, son of Nebsu and Ian

A hundred metres east of Tomb 47 in a small valley. Dynasty XVII

 Princess Neferhet King's daughter, New Kingdom. Probably south-east of Tomb 75


Tombs in Branch valley, south-west of the Valley of the Queens

Remains of canopic-jars, including one with text of a queen, Dyn XXV or XXVI

(from excavation in 1895).


Tomb of Princess - from time of Amenhotep III. Position unknown.