End of the 12th Dynasty

Amenemhet IV


1798 - 1786 

 12th Dynasty

Amenemhet IV, the son of Amenemhet III, possibly was quite elderly when he inherited the throne as he ruled for a short nine years (short in terms of other rulers of the dynasty). Few of his monuments have survived, and little is known of events during his reign.

It is thought that he may of built a pyramid near Dahshur (no inscriptions have been found at the site - the pyramid has been identified with Amenemhet IV by the pyramid has slight technical improvements on the pyramid of Amenemhet III (the pyramid of Queen Sobeknefru has identified in a similar way)).

Queen Sobeknefru


1785 - 1782 

 12th Dynasty

Married to Amenemhet IV, who was possibly also her brother and on his death she became ruler of Egypt. Like Amenemhet IV there are very little records of her reign now remaining. Statues of her were found in the Faiyum and she added to the Labyrinth of Amenemhet III.

Sobeknefru had a very brief reign of 4 years (she may have actually been co-regent with Amenemhet IV), she has been identified with a pyramid near Dahshur (with similar problems about truly idenifying the pyramid with her as with identifying Amenemhet IV and his pyramid - see above).