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Other items found with the burial of Shoshenq II


 Pectoral discovered on the mummy of Shoshenq II - length 7 cm

A representation of a scarab rolling the sun before him.

This can be classified as an 'heirloom' of Shoshenq II, as it originally belonged to his father Sheshonq I (who at the time still held the title of 'Great Chief of the Meshwesh, son of Nimlot').

 Bracelet decorated with a magic 'wedjat' eye, found on the mummy of Shoshenq II, diameter - 7cm, 4mm thick

One of the seven bracelets that were placed on the mummy of Sheshonq II, three on the right arm and four on the left arm. Like the pectoral above, this bracelet originally belonged to Sheshonq I - on the inner face the name of Sheshonq I can be seen.



 Bracelet with scarab of Sheshonq II

diameter 6.7cm, scarab length 2.5cm

A faint inscription on the flat side of the scarab indicates that the bracelet was originally made for a person called Djedkhonsefankh, not Sheshonq II

 Funerary Sandal of Sheshonq II,

Length - (right) 29.2cm, (left) 28cm.

The sandals were fitted onto the mummy's feet inside the coffin and were made of strips of gold, cut out and soldered together as if they were made from strips of leather.



 Miniature anthropoid coffin for an internal organ of Sheshonq II

length - 25cm

Made from solid silver, an inscription on the chest gives the inscription 'Imsety whose son is Shoshenq-beloved -of-Amun'