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(Reshpu, Rashshaf, Reshpa)

The cult of this god enjoyed a wide popularity in Syria, where he was regarded as a god of war. In the Egyptian texts he is described as the "Great God, Lord of Eternity, the Prince of Everlastingness, the Lord of Two-fold Strength among the Company of Gods; Great God, Lord of Heaven, Governor of the Gods".

The Chief centre of his worship was at Het-Rehsp in the delta but it is very probable that he was specially worshipped at many small provincial shrines on the eastern frontier of Egypt.
He is represented in the form of a warrior who holds a shiled and spear in his left hand, and a club in his right; on his head he wears the White Crown, round the base of which is bound a turban. Above his forehead, projecting from his turban is the head of a gazelle, which appears to be a very ancient symbol of the god, and to indicate his sovereignty over the desert.
Reshpu was also known to the Phoenicians, and was perhaps a god of burning and destructive fire and of lightning. Opinions differ as to the spelling of his name - some reading Reshef, (i.e. lightning) and others Rashshaf (i.e. he who shots out fire and lightning).

(taken from Budge - 'The Gods of the Egyptians')