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The North City

City of Akhenaten

The North City at Akhetaten contained the large North Riverside Palace, held behind a massive fortified wall, which is thought to have been a main royal residence. Decoration has been found showing Akhenaten, Meritaten and Smenkhkare in chariots - also stone jars have been found with the names of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

(One theory did hold the belief that Nefertiti had fallen from favour in the later years of Akhenaten, hence her disappearence from the royal limelight, and was exiled to the North City. This theory followed the discovery of re-worked reliefs in the Maru-aten, but these were discovered to be the replacement of the names of Kiya with those of Meritaten rather than the replacements of Nefertiti).

Across the road from the palace were a group of houses, probably for officials closest to the King. Other buildings found just inside the walls were for the Royal Bodyguard, a large administration building marked the city's northern edge.

The North City also saw the beginning of the 'Royal Road', a procession way which led down to the main city (it was on this road that the royal family had their chariot rides). A scene in the tomb of Mahu shows the royal couple embracing while just in front of the North Riverside Palace: