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The Tomb of Nefertari

tomb no.66

The wife of Ramesses II, her tomb provides some of the best examples of the ancient Egyptian tomb makers craft.



Outer Hall - 1

Scenes show Isis, Nephthys and Soffit.

Two registers of the Book of Gates

Nefertari adoring Osiris

Anubis with Neith

Nefertari led by Harsiesi

Re-Harakhti and Hathor


Nefertari led by Isis

Selkis and Osiris

 Side Room - 2

Nekhbet as vulture

Nefertari offers cloth to Ptah in shrine and Zed pillar

Nefertari offers palette and inkpot to Thoth, with text of Book of the Dead

Ram-headed mummiform Re' between Nephthys and Isis

Nefertari adoring bull and seven cows with sacred oars.

 Corridor -3

Sons of Horus and hawk

Neith and Seith

Nefertari offering two pots to Hathor, Nephthys, Seith with winged Maat beyond

Cartouche with winged serpent

Anubis-jackal, Isis and Nephthys

 Sarcophagus Chamber - 4

Winged Maat and Serpent goddess on Zed-pillar

Nefertari adoring

Book of Gates with guardians

deceased and god

3 Demons and winged Nut

Nefertari adoring

Book of Gates with guardians

Nefertari adoring Osiris, Hathor and Anubis



A - Inmutf, Nefertari embraced by Hathor, Zed-pillar, Osiris

B - Zed-pillar, Nefertari embraced by Isis, Nefertari embraced by Hathor, Osiris

C - Horus-Inmutf, Osiris, Zed-pillar, Nefertari receiving life from Isis

D - Zed-pillar, Osiris, Nefertari embraced by Isis, Nefertari embraced by Anubis

 West Side-Room - 5

Entrance wall. zed-pillar on left, mummified Nefertari on the right

side walls - Imset, Duamutf and Isis on the left

Nephthys, Kebhsenuf and Hepy on the right

Rear wall - Thoth, Anubis, Imset and Thoth

 East Side-Room - 6

Entrance wall. Zed pillar on each side

Left wall - Nefertari adoring Hathor-cow

Right wall - Nefertari with food table before Anubis and Isis

Rear wall - winged Maat

 Inner Room - 7

Remains of cartouche between two Uraei

Entrance wall - Zed-pillar on the right

Isis on the left

Right wall - Selkis and divinities.








(Sarcophagus-lid, red granite fragments in Turin)

Box-lid of deceased

Gold and Silver inscribed plagues, fragments