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 Other titles - Superintendent of all the works of the King, Scribe of the Elite Troops, Commander of the Soldiery of the King, Fan-Bearer at the right of the King, Keeper of the temple of Ra in Heliopolis, High Priest of Aten, Keeper of the temple of Aten, Keeper of all the works of the King.

The Tomb of May (tomb number 14 at Akhetaten)

His tomb was intended to have 12 columned hall - but the hall did have a relief of Mutnodjmet (sister of Nefertiti) attended by her two dwarves.

Other scenes include the King, Queen and three princesses; five boats - all painted in black outline.

Most of the inscriptions referring to May's names and titles in this tomb have been erased or painted over, showing that May fell from favour before he died (possibly no later than Year 7).