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Pyramids - Lost to the Sands

Pyramids of the 6th Dynasty

More information is available on the Kings of the 6th Dynasty and their Pyramids - CLICK HERE!

 Pyramid of Teti

Teti's sarcophagus was found within the burial chamber - only a few fragments of his mummy have survived to the present day.

Pyramid texts covered the burial chamber.

The pyramids of the Queens Iput and Khuit were situated close by.


 Pyramid of Pepi I

Almost completely destroyed by tomb robbers (who also caused the crater in the centre of the pyramid)

Pyramid texts still survived in fragments in the burial chamber (the French Archaeological Saqqara Mission have restored these texts).


 Pyramid of Merenre

Although the outside structure has not fared well, the burial chamber remains in good condition with Pyramid texts, canopic chest and sarcophagus.


 Pyramid of Pepi II

location: South Saqqara

The last great Pyramid of the Old Kingdom. Inside is an antechamber, a burial chamber and a corridor with Pyramid texts.

Nearby are three smaller pyramids dedicated to his queens.