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Pyramids - Lost to the Sands

Pyramids of the 12th Dynasty

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 Pyramid of Sesostris I

location el-Lisht

Built upon a star-shaped skeletal structure of limestone



Pyramid of Amenemhat III

location: Dahshur

Core of brick with a limestone facing. It holds numerous antechambers and side rooms.

Due to problems with settling the pyramid was used for queens and princesses - not for the king




Pyramid of Sesostris III

location: Dahshur

Earliest example of a pyramid built completely from mud brick, but faced with limestone.

A hidden entrance leads to a burial chamber which held a stone sarcophagus.




Pyramid of Amenemhat III

location: Hawara

Limestone faced, and stood in such a extensive complex of chapels and courts that the Greeks compared it to the labyrinth of Knossos.

Sadly little remains of the decorations, columns, sculptures and reliefs once known to have existed.