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The King's House

The Central City

The King's House

 This building was linked to the Great Palace on the opposite side of the Royal Road by a bridge made from bricks.
The King's House was used as the King's working premises ­ his office ­ and it was here that the royal family rewarded their loyal subjects via the famed 'Window of Appearances'.
The King's House also formed the hub of the administration at Akhetaten, other much smaller offices lay close to this main building (including the 'Bureau for the Correspondence of Pharaoh' ­ the location for the Amarna Tablets).

Buildings within the King's House
There were three parts to the building ­
1. A small palace ­ possibly of more than one floor, but any information concerning any further floors have been lost.
2. A courtyard with a formal avenue of trees
3. A large set of storerooms or magazines.


reconstruction of the royal dais from the King's House

(Figures are foreigners worshipping the Aten and Akhenaten)

JEA 81