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Iny (Any)

Keeper of the Palace to Amenhotep II

Other Title : Royal Secretary, Scribe of the Royal Table (Scribe of the Altar and the Offering Table of the Aten).

Son of Pakha

An inscription in his tomb describes how Iny was the Steward of the Household of Amenhotep II (dead for over 45 years before Akhenaten came to the throne), Iny was an old man - inscriptions show him with sunken cheeks and toothless.

The Tomb of Iny(tomb number 23 at Akhetaten)

The Shrine in the chapel was hastily finished with sketches in red paint of Iny receiving the last rites (Iny's tomb is only the second of the tombs at Akhetaten that shows evidence of their owners actually being buried within them)

  Stela of Iny found within his tomb, it shows Iny and his chariot driver. They are returning from the Royal Palace where Iny has just been given his golden collars.