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Fan-Bearer on the right of the King

 Other titles: - King's Private Secretary, True Royal Scribe, Keeper of the Storehouses, Keeper of the Palace

The Tomb of Ahmose (tomb number 3 at Akhetaten)

There was not much sculpture or decoration in Ahmose's tomb (some unfinished painting, a statue at the end of the tomb), but this did include the figure of Ahmose and the Prayer to the Aten.

 Having the prayer to the Aten in his tomb - is thought to have mean that Ahmose was one of the more zealot followers of the Aten.

Another scene depicts the royal couple, Akhenaten and Nefertiti, driving in a chariot from the palace to the Temple of the Aten (while they drive along they are shown kissing - another unique style of Amarna-period art).