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 Abu Simbel

The Great Hall

Here the roof is supported by eight columns showing Ramesses II in the form of Osiris.

On the South side of the room, Ramesses II is shown offering to Amen-Ra. On the North side Ramesses II is shown smiting a group of Asiatics, below this scene are nine daughters of Ramesses II: Batha-anthat, Bakmut, Nefertari, Amenmeri, Nebttawi, Isis-nefert, Hemttawi, Wenure and Nezemmut. On the South end of the east wall Ramesses II is again shown smiting prisoners, underneath this inscription are eight of the king's sons: Amenherkhepshef, Ramesses, Paraherunemef, Khaemuast, Menthuherkhepshef, Nebenkhar, Meriamen and Amenemwa.

The North wall is dedicated to depicting the Battle of Kadesh